The Hidden Truth: Analyze and think about, try to give answers to your self.

The hidden Truth: Men desire and need to have an intimate relationship with their Dad

  • The confidence that comes from knowing is Dad proud of them and loves them.
  • The most important truth – God is not like your father He is their Father.
  • All earthly dad’s make mistakes including us if they were the perfect savior then we wouldn’t need Jesus.
  • A reconciled relationship with your earthly father leads to a reconciled relationship with your real Father.

The hidden Truth: Men desire to live the abundant life Christ promised them.

  • Is that really possible? Do you have to sell everything you own to have that?
  • How and why this is impossible without a definition of what a real man truly looks like.
  • Most males have never been told or shown this by their father.

The hidden Truth: Men desire to live a life of integrity.

  • The difference between knowing the rules and the punishment if you don’t keep them – vs – knowing the reasons behind the rules.
  • The difference between being and doing.
  • How our culture has become one of keeping, telling, and enforcing of the rules instead of instilling values when lived out the rules are being kept.
  • How to instill and build integrity with your children.
  • The reason behind the universal Truth that the more laws you have the less integrity you have.
  • How the addition of more and more laws and more and more lawyers has removed the need for male leadership.
  • How relying on rules and laws remove love and relationship.

The hidden Truth: Men desire and need to have intimate one on one relationships with their children.

  • How un-fathered males lead to un-fathered children.
  • How father’s impact more than one generation.
  • Where the resentment and anger toward the child comes from.
  • How most fathers missed who out on living the life of a boy later cause immense pain in his child’s life.
  • We all make mistakes – no one knows what they are doing – how that relates to our relationship with God.
  • Why the child must know more than the rules and punishments – but the man behind the rules.
  • How a father makes or breaks the healthy transition from childhood to adulthood.

The hidden Truth: Men desire to walk in confident authority as a leader without having to be a “jerk”.

  • The fear of being found out that they are inadequate.
  • The lie of using position to get control and manipulate others.
  • What does a “servant” leader actually mean.
  • What a leader is and how society and our culture has warped the Truth.

The hidden Truth: Men desire to become “one” with their wife.

  • Most earthly fathers never called the son away from their mother – how that drastically and negatively affects a marriage.
  • How the mother’s unbroken authority over the boy causes so many problems in his relationships with Females and particularly his wife.
  • How a male’s fear of the woman causes him to see the wife as an enemy instead of an ally.
  • To know and experience the miracle of a God ordained marital union and not just a common marriage.

The subversive affects of being raised in a feminine environment under predominantly female authority – here are a few of the common ways this plays out in a grown male’s life:

  • He later resents the woman and secretly desires to dominate her, usually with sex

➡ this almost always leads to some form of pornography and explains why pornography has become so much more violent and dominant in nature including the popularity of rape scenes

  • He unknowingly looks to the woman to fulfill him and give him life as his mother did

➡ this almost always causes immense resentment toward the woman

  • He continues in the taught pattern of looking to woman for leadership which leads to an absent father. For instance, here is a common deception (or lie) given by the man and some of its outcomes:

➡ The deception: The male says “I work to provide for the family and I make all the big decisions like what car to buy, who to vote for, whether we should go to war – you know, stuff like that –and my wife makes the little decisions and does all the remedial things” –

Upon further investigation its found that:

➡ The other “little” decisions include:  Where the kids go to school, What subjects they take, discipline of the child (unless its something very major),  how to dress and why, what clothes to wear and not to wear (specifically with girls) and why,  how to conduct themselves in certain situations and why that is important, where they go to church,  When the child can come home, Where the child can and can’t go, And many, many others

This is on top of all the other motherly things like:

      • taking care of them when they are sick
      • cleaning and washing their clothes
      • buying groceries and feeding them
      • taking them everywhere
      • And much more we don’t have room to list here

➡ The “remedial” things, specifically with the son, include:

  • waking him up in the morning vs. teaching him how to use an alarm clock
  • Taking him to get his hair cut and telling him to shave,  Picking out and buying his clothes
  • Teaching him about sex and girls,  Chaperoning dates  and many others

All of these things are fantastic, God given opportunities to teach the child and instill values into them – but instead the father is absent and unable to make the impact in these area’s that only he can make.


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